Biometric Solutions

Secumind Systems offers a selection of plastic ID Card printers, supplies and software to help you successfully manage your plastic card production program. Our durable and secure plastic cards as well as smart cards for your business are made to :

▪ Enhance the security and integrity of your organization
▪ Lower data breaches with ability to print and manage cards and badges in-house

We provide quality product and services for all areas of need :

▪  K-12 Schools
▪  Colleges & Universities
▪  Healthcare Facilities
▪  Financial Institutions & Organizations
▪  Retail Company
▪  Government Agencies

SecuMind BisonVerify is a mobile biometric authentication solution comprised of a family of biometric matching and liveness detection algorithms that use face and biometrics to enable secure and convenient multi factor authentication for main access control and mobile financial transactions.

▪  Facial Identification
▪  Visual & Sound Confirmation
▪  Body Temperature Check & Display
▪  Messaging
▪  Door & Gate Activation
▪  Secure Payment by Card or by Phone