Small Business Development

Small Business Development

AllStar Industries understands the needs and budgets of businesses of all sizes; therefore, we offer an intro consultation to meet and review your project and address the following :

▪ Clarify all project goals
▪ Provide expert analysis of business plan
▪ Provide recommendations of the proper path to success

It all start with completing this questionnaire. Let’s meet for lunch!

Market Entry Strategy Planning

Are you exploring potential new markets for your products and services? Using today’s technology and know-how our team of experts can guide you with the following strategies :

Product and service research

▪Brand creation & management
▪Advance Analytics & Modeling
▪Market testing

Product launch

▪ Advertising and promotions of products & services
▪ Social Media posts
▪ Contact Group Blast Communication

Post-Launch management

▪ Brand awareness & equity
▪ Ad Tracking
▪ Customer Satisfaction studies
▪ Distribution channel & e-commerce audits

Contract Management

▪ GSA contracts with US Federal Agencies
▪ Sub-contracting agreements with tier 1 Government contractors