AllStar Industries Remembers Eleanor Eaton


DALLAS, Texas (July 5, 2016) – It is with very deep regret that we announce the death of Eleanor Eaton, VP Marketing for AllStar Industries (1944 St. Petersburg, Russia -2016 Arlington, Texas).

Eleanor Eaton was a princess that came from St. Petersburg via Paris to America, bringing with her determination and toughness to this country where everything is possible for professionals with big dreams. She was always ready to meet challenges with a cool head and extreme patience, and her courage had no limits.

We miss her optimism and her exemplary attitude towards challenges, her availability, and her loyalty to everyone. We will miss her invitations to truly international parties with reasons and her parties without reason, and the atmosphere that she created bringing the best in everyone present.

Eleanor left us with the class that she showed to us every day all along the twenty years we have been privileged to know her and this is something that we will never forget.

Eleanor Eaton was the VP Marketing for AllStar Industries & member of the board of EFDM, a non-profit School teaching French under the FLAM program in Dallas.

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