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Who we are

AllStar Industries is a leading privately-held global management and consulting firm based in Grand Prairie, Texas. Founded by Bertrand Pelletier in 1992, besides its international business advisory service, it boasts a portfolio of specialized divisions that operate in the card manufacturing and personalizaton space producing, selling and distributing plastic card-based identity recognition, access control and transaction equipment and technologies.

With an established presence on five continents and supporting partners located in pivotal geographic areas across the globe, we can provide tailored solutions for our diverse clientele with relative ease.

Using cutting-edge, best-fit innovation, we combine industry knowledge, functional experience, technological skills — and knowledgeable, customer-friendly support to help our clients grow and create unimpeded value.

years of experience
AllStar industries in business over thirty years

Our History

Acquisition of manufacturing assets from GemTop a division of JB Poindexter & Co., leads to the birth of AllStar Industries, Inc.
Sale of manufacturing assets
Pelletier leads startup Advanced Card Systems dba. Sandia Imaging Systems in Arlington, Texas. The company engages in the production and sale of equipment and solutions used to create encoded plastic cards including IDs, bank cards and access control. Revenues surpassed $5M by 2005
Sale Sandia Imaging Systems
AllStar Card Systems is establishedupon the aquisition of non-manufacturing assets from Advanced Card Systems. The new specialized divison becomes the online ecommerce face of the company selling its plastic card printers, card personalization systems, access contol hardware and related supplies, software and solutions
Global business developer and serial entrepreneur, Bertrand Pelletier, establishes AllStar Trading Corporation Consulting Group in Texas, which later emerges as AllStar Industries. The company would evolve into both a provider of global business consultancy, product development and management services with a significant manufacturing and retail arm involved in the production and sales of plastic card-based recognition and transaction technologies.
EmperorTech Americas added to portfolio as a vehicle for the exclusive distribution of ID, smart card and passport personalization equipment via agreement with Emperor Technology Co. Ltd, Shenzhen, China.
AllStar Industries relocates to Dallas Texas and transitions into a corporate umbrella for all of Pelletier's businesses
EmperorTech is a SESAMES Award Finalist
EmperorTech wins SESAMES Award for “Best Manufacturing and Test Product”

Our Mission

We’re committed to delivering clear and effective global business management solutions and transaction card technologies that make our clients and their customers lives simpler and easier. Our goal is to empower our customers with the tools they need to satisfy.

Together with our strategic partners at home and worldwide our entire team is at your disposal and can bring even more value to your projects — with our hardware, supplies and software and international business advisory services.

We value and nurture collaborations at every touchpoint in our engagements with our people, partners, suppliers and clients to drive our delivery of excellence.
Our mindset and culture is a customer-centric one; centered around our customers and focused on the processes, products and services surrounding their needs.
business team and how we work
Customer-centric value driven global solutions

How We Work

We’re prioritize staying on top of our clients needs from start to finish whilst going beyond the traditional efficiency model to ensure successful outcomes. At the outset of your relationship with AllStar Industries, we identify your objectives, goals and target markets and determine the best-fit approach to an optimum outcome.

Our clients are our partners. We find and engage their needs and help them get what they most want for business success.

—Bertrand Pelletier
Founder and President

Then, we deliver end-to-end services that incorporate your voice and expectations, crucial new digital technologies and innovations in a flexible, ready efficient manner that is designed to succeed.

With our extensive background in international business and our ever-growing network of key decision-makers and partners across industries globally, we ensure that you are put in touch with the right people and resources and set on the right stage for success.

In addition, we are also particularly adept at facilitating connections related to payments, identity and access control and have a dedicated arm devoted to this helping our clients with the machinery they need to run full blown innovative payments and identity businesses and programs.

Below is an outline of some of the services we use to fulfill our obligations to you.

Global Business Solutions

  • Export Management
  • Small Business Development
  • New Markets and Market Entry Strategy Planning
  • Global Trading & Negotiations
  • Project Planning and Management

Payments, ID  & Access Control

  • Card Printing and Personalization
  • Secure ID Solutions
  • Visitor Management and Access Control
  • Biometrics
  • Fare Payments
Global Business Solutions
Card, Access Control & Visitor Management Solutions

Markets, Industries & Applications

Whether you’re in the public or private sector, a small business, large enterprise or part of a government agency, we can help you with the equipment, products and services you need to create trusted solutions that helps you in the following areas

  • Global Markets:
    • Consumer, Business and  Government
  • Local Markets:
    • Consumer, Business and  Government
  • Payment Ecosystems:
    • Credit card network, acquirers, issuers and gateways
  • Industries:
    • Banking and finance
    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Retail
    • Law enforcement
    • Government
    • Military
    • Entertainment
  • Access Management:
    • Corporate Access
    • Home Access
    • Hotel Access
    • Smart Lock
    • Logical Access, used for identification or section control


  • Campus Cards:
    • Student ID Cards
    • Access to campus buildings and events
    • Access to Copy machines
    • Access Vending Machines
    • Micropayments at Cafeterias
    • Transportation
  • Tourist cards
  • Loyalty cards (reward points)
  • Micropayments
  • Mobile wallet:
    • Contactless payments
    • Cashless payments
  • Road tolling
  • Transport ticketing
  • Event ticketing
  • Ferry Cards
  • Car rentals
  • Fleet Management
  • Membership cards
  • Parking
  • Library RFID tags
  • Fuel cards
  • Hotel key cards
  • NFC Tag (NFC apps, MIFARE4Mobile)
  • Taxi cards
  • Smart meter
  • Museum Access Cards
  • Product Authentication
  • Production control
  • Health cards
  • Mobile ticketing
  • Citizen cards
  • Amusement parks
  • Bike rentals
  • Blood donor cards
  • Information services
  • Interactive exhibits
  • Interactive lotteries
  • Password storage
  • Smart advertising
  • Social welfare
  • Waste management
  • And more

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