Code Reading Systems

Intersectoral ID products (Electronics, Pharma Track & Trace, Logisitics, heavy industry)


  • MODI has since evolved, where others have left off.
  • Reading systems for detecting labels complete with all the supplier information
  • DMC and bar code reading systems for the automatic detection of up to 100 codes at different positions
  • Combined systems for code reading and inspection Interface with SMEMA interface, MES link, engine control module and display
  • Special interfaces to customer including Profibus
  • Configurable MES interface to the known traceability software system

MODI is still reading where others give up

With a hand-held scanner to read at a distance of 30 cm code is one thing. The reading of difficult and smallest direct – labeling in harsh industrial environments , however, requires not only an excellent reading system but rather the experience of a variety of solutions in the harshest environment.

MODI implemented for more than 10 years Traceability projects in all sectors of industry.

MODI Traceability kit from goods receipt to shipping.

The implementation of traceability solutions means a drastic intervention in the existing infrastructure in general . It must be set up not only code reading cameras at different assembly stations. Much more effort is the hardware and software side locking of different machines, testing and handling stations and in communications to the MES suite. MODI provides this a consistent hardware and software with standard interfaces for connecting different read cameras, handling systems and higher-level traceability software.

Hand and Fixscanner for safe barcode / datamatrix code detection.

MODES offers to its customers the full range of reading systems for safe code detection in all areas. This is complemented with comprehensive accessories such as special lighting, lenses, mounting hardware and interface solutions.

The aim is to offer an all-round service that goes from consulting to delivery and integration to solving special requirements.

Area scan cameras to capture codes at different positions

MODI is for ID scanners that detect encodings even from a distance and at different positions in an extremely short cycle time on the Adomo Spiegelablenktechnologie.

  • Acquisition of up to 100 codes, for example, on printed circuit boards up to 450 x 450 mm
  • Indication of the code positions over simple delivery of the mm coordinates
  • Laser pointer for indicating the reading positions
  • Display screen for displaying the content and status code
  • LEDs red / green status indicator
  • Control knob for manual location choice and mode code
  • SMEMA interface, Ethernet TCP / IP interface, RS 232, 8 x DI / D

Automatic code detection for heavy industry

MODI is specialized for years on product identification and has gained on the basis of technology Adomo a leading market position in the code identification in harsh environments.

The AdoRug ID scanner was developed on the basis of these experiences, specifically targeted at the tube stations as well as hot and cold rolling mills.

For the steel and rolling mills, this means:

  • Robust reading system, which withstands high impact, heat and dust. –
  • Product identification even in variable distances between 2m – 10m
  • Code acquisition in continuous
  • From ambient light independent detection by infrared.
  • Acquisition even in code defects to 30% (eg by scale)
  • Interface to current controls. (for example, Profibus)
  • Code search function on large surfaces

Pharma Track & Trace packing station with automatic code detection

AdoDat-6000 is the ideal manual packing station for pharmaceutical packaging in cardboard boxes up to a size of 400mm x 400mm and a height up to 250mm.

Compared to conventional scanning systems for manual packing stations, the system is characterized by a very high level of comfort, safety and speed reading. This is due to the technology used and the intelligent flow.

The recording and decoding of serial numbers is performed layer by layer parallel to the packing process. By transferred via the upstream Pack Order Product number is returned for each location and for the total box the plausibility check for the number of serial numbers to be read