Secumind Debut’s Financial Card Issuance Kiosk and Tablet: The “Customer Enrollment Complete Solution”

Arlington. Texas—AllStar Industries Inc. and Emperor Technology have launched a new venture via the former’s subsidiary, Secumind Systems. This endeavor proposes a complete solution for automatic financial-card issuance in the retail banking marketplace.

This solution combines the Secumind Kiosk and Tablet, which facilitates the quick and secure enrollment and verification of new customers on site: It gives bankers the ability to offer instant issuance of transaction-ready credit and debit cards within their branch offices.

The Secumind Kiosk can be set up in malls and stadiums or in other high-traffic locations allowing for the integration of additional retail banking services with local retail marketing programs.

Backing up Emperor Technology’s vast expertise, especially in fast-growing markets such as India, AllStar Industries’ Sandia International Division possesses years of experience in large and small-card printing systems, as well as the ability to locally supply consumables, maintenance, and services.

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