Biometric Enrollment Kiosk and Tablet – Best New Technology for Automated Instant Card Issuance from SecuMind Systems

Instant issuance, Automated Technology and Consumer Attitudes are On Target to Fundamentally Transform Traditional Banking in 5 years. Are you ready?

Full-service enrollment and verification kiosks and tablets from companies like SecuMind Systems are primed to help banks and credit unions transition to the new automated and mobile driven Banking Age.

THE CHALLENGE Eliminate consumer frustration and growing intolerance for delays associated with long lines and mail time traditionally associated with enrolment and verifications for — new card issuance, card renewal and replacement. Satisfy today’s technology savvy customer demand for immediacy and security and deliver an engaging and positive experience.

THE SOLUTION Implementation of an instant issuance solution featuring Secumind™ Kiosk, Secumind™ CX2920 Tablet and Management Software to improve bank relevance, rise above the competition and—maintain an grow a happy customer base.

Traditional banking as you know it today is on a doomsday time clock. Self-Service Instant issuance and rapidly changing your customers expectations and the choice of the banks they do business with daily.

Quick, easy, secure solutions for full enrollments and verifications are rapidly becoming the norm. Touch authentication, iris recognition and other biometric authentications are no longer science-fiction, but are already an integral part of your competitors operations or coming very soon. If you want to remain relevant you have to satisfy today’s consumers expectation and demand for “immediacy”.

As banks and more more non-banks rise to deliver faster, more flexible and convenient banking options to consumers, the importance of acclimating now cannot be underestimated.

SecuMind Systems’ Biometric Enrollment Kiosks and Tablets

SecuMind Systems, a division of AllStar Industries offers a game-changing, complete-solution for the enrollment and authentication of your customers. This included their Automated, Instant Issuance Kiosk and supporting tablet—Combined these two tools help banks and banks, healthcare facilities and other enrollment environment deliver the convenience and security today’s consumers expect.

Fast track your banking processes in an arena witnessing skyrocketing growth. Learn how you too can significantly cut your administrative costs and drive customer engagement and traffic. Give us a call to learn more about our our complete solution highlighting the latest product enhancements in instant issuance banking and featuring our biometric (iris, face and touch) customer processing kiosk and new customer enrollment tablet.

About Our Instant Issuance Kiosk

  • First automated self-service kiosk for instant Banking/Credit card issuance or card replacement.
  • First banking customer enrollment with biologic tablet computer connected with a self serve kiosk embossed card issuance.

Why should you bother?

Instant issuance is the fastest growing new channel for customer-bank relations. Our kiosk can cut your overall branch costs and increase operational efficiency, while giving your customers the convenience and peace-of-mind they increasing demanding. Happier customers signal happier results for your bottom line.

  • Manage full enrollment, customer verification and new and replacement card dispensation.
  • Reduce enrollment time, lines and wait time.
  • Enhance customer experience and build engagement.
  • 24/7 customer administration.
  • Deploy in-branch or in remote venues like malls, stadiums and other high traffic locations.
  • Customizable EMV software configurability with multi-language support.
  • Secure interaction with biometric recognition signals and intuitive user-interface.

Consumers find instant card issuance to be more convenient and perceive it as safer (Visa check card study). And, Self-service automated machines significantly cut their wait times. New cards are easily created using SecuMind Instant Issue kiosks and tablet. Lost, stolen or compromised payment cards are replaced on-the-spot with temporary or permanent cards. Built in EMV, chip-card technology reinforces the security capabilities of the cards produced and allows branches to stay ahead of demand even when data breaches occur.

For more on SecuMind Systems Enrollment Kiosk and tablet call (817) 832-3771 in Texas – Or write to

SecuMind Systems, a division of AllStar Industries Inc., has been at the forefront of the ID & Banking Card industries for the past 20 years with Sandia Imaging & AllStar Card Systems solutions serving government and the private sectors.