Who We Are

The AllStar Consulting Group is an integral part of AllStar Industries. We are a leading global management consulting firm, founded in 1992 in Arlington, Texas, U.S. With an established presence on five continents and supporting partners located in pivotal geographic areas across the globe, we can provide tailored solutions for our diverse clientele with relative ease. Using cutting-edge innovation, we combine industry knowledge, functional experience and technology skills to help our clients grow and create uncommon value. We have spent over 15 years renewing and reinventing ourselves continuously – we come to our clients with a fund of fresh knowledge and experience in leading industries around the globe. In addition to hard work, associates of The AllStar Group bring curiosity, creativity, integrity and analytical rigor to every job, which means fast and dramatic improvements. Together with our partners we have 20 professionals at your disposal in more than 10 offices worldwide, and we can bring more for your projects.

  • Export Management in Products and Services
  • New Markets and Market Entry Strategy Planning
  • Secure ID Card Printing Fulfillment
  • International Negotiation and Project Planning
  • Smart Card and E-passport Equipment
  • Global Trading
  • Small Businesses Services

Our mission is to be the premier global business facilitator specializing in both emerging and established markets, with current concentration in French and Texas business relationships development.